Black & Yellow Argiope Spider

As I was walking through the gardens, I spotted this scary spider and cool web.  I Googled spiders of NC and found out it is a garden spider and loves to eat large bugs.  I decided it could remain in the garden and do what it loves best.

Canon EOS 50D
Focal Length 37 mm
Exposure time 1/50
ISO 100


Are We Done Yet

Murdock "Dock" is our family pet that was happy when the two hour photo shoot was over.  He appreciated the treats he received because he was so good.

Canon EOS 50D
Focal Length 73 mm
Exposure time 1/160
ISO 100


Queen of the Night

Queen of the Night blooms about 2:30 a.m.  This was definitely a challenge photographing in total darkness, but it was fun.  The bloom is approximately 10 inches wide.

Canon EOS 50D
Focal Length 24 mm
Exposure time 1/60
ISO 400

Wild Daisies

Traveling around Tot Hill Farm Golf Course I photographed this clump of wild daisies.  It was a gorgeous day and many wildflowers were blooming.

Canon EOS 50D
Focal Length 200 mm
Exposure time 1/320
ISO 100

Morning Sunflower

This 7 foot tall sunflower was the only one in my friend's garden. It was fun shooting at all different angles.

Canon EOS 50D
Focal Length 45 mm
Exposure time 1/250
ISO 100