I Will Get It, Hang On

Woodland Dog

Shadows in the Snow

Today was a fabulous day in the snow. The temperature was close to 50 degrees and plenty of snow, it doesn't get better.


Dante and Daisy

After photographing these Yorkies, I decided to play around with the image in PhotoShop to see what cool effects I could create. I decided on a painted portrait look for Dante and Daisy. These dogs were amazing throughout the photo session.



Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day, even though the temperature was in the 20's and windy. We took Dock for a walk and he decided to rest for a minute on the rocks.


January Hyacinths

It is funny, sometimes when we procrastinate good things happen. I bought these hyacinths last spring and didn't get them planted this fall. Christmas is when they started to bloom and we have enjoyed each day.


New Zealand Hobbit Habitat

While traveling in New Zealand, I saw this wonderful scene in the fog. If you take a moment, you could image a hobbit family living here.


Elliott-Patton Reunion

In 2009, I had the privilege to photograph this fabulous family reunion. It was quite challenging, but all participants were very cooperative. It is so important to capture your family's get-togethers. Time slips by so quickly and it is great to capture a moment.

Handsome Pup

People have great expressions, but so do dogs. I enjoy photographing dogs while trying to capture their essences. This Weimaraner's eyes captivated me when I photographed this image.


Think Spring

With the cold snap we are experiencing right now, I have begun to think spring. It gives me hope to see the beautiful Japanese iris that bloomed in my garden last year. Spring is just around the corner and we have to hold on to that thought.

Winter Wonderland

This is the closet we came to a Winter Wonderland in Asheboro, North Carolina. We were just south of the storm that hit the Triad and northern part of the state. There is ice sparkling on the ground and trees.

New York Model

When visiting New York in October, I had the opportunity to photograph this professional model at the PHOTO EXPO Her expressions and moves were awesome. I appreciated her willingness to work with me.


Down by the Creek

During the holidays I captured this sweet portrait of a mother and daughter. Mean while, behind them was a raging creek the day after Christmas.